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Whole Blood

  • Blood products are collected from a wide range of clinical conditions.
  • can collect up to 20 mL of whole blood per donor.
  • All blood products are kept frozen and never allowed to thaw.
  • can also provide buffy coat specimens pulled from fractionated blood.
  • We can also provide whole blood with matching Frozen and/or FFPE tissue
  • Whole blood is not collected for regular storage in our Biorepository, but we can easily set up a Custom Collection to meet our customers’ needs.
  • Whole blood can be collected in a variety of test tubes such as:
    • K2- or K3-EDTA tubes
    • SST tubes
    • Sodium (Na) or Lithium (Li) Heparin
    • Sodium (Na) Citrate tubes
    • PAXgene RNA and DNA tubes
    • CPT tubes

Buffycoat may be available