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Tissue Microarray Confinement

Recent developments in pathology research have lead to the invention of the tissue microarray. These innovations are paraffin blocks with up to 1000 tissue samples embedded in them at specific coordinates. The structure allows for high throughput analysis of multiple samples in parallel. Cylindrical tissue cores from a variety of donor blocks are assembled and embedded in a single block of paraffin at precise locations. Conditions are standardized on a single slide and facilitate the simultaneous analysis of DNA, RNA and proteins. Tissue samples are preserved and the best use of limited tissue archives is accomplished. Markers for diagnosis and prognostication of disease can be found using this new technique. Its automated workflow and data analysis supports retrospective and prospective tissue studies.

Ukraine Association of Biobank has an extensive collection procedure which is used for custom. Our biorepository is IRB compliant and maintained with optimum standards in the industry to ensure the highest quality of collection and inventory management. Using our extensive procurement and inventory management process, we are able to provide our clients with access to human tissue samples in a variety of formats worldwide.

Ukraine Association of Biobank supplies sub-atomic (molecular) subsidiaries from human tissues and natural biological liquids. We have a monumental biorepository of aliquots accessible for quick and error-free shipments. Subordinates from individual tumor, infected or typical human tissues are accessible upon request. We give comprehensive clinical data and an extensive layered report for every particular case related to shipments.

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