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The Ukraine Association of Biobank provide a Biospecimen Quality Control  programme in Developing  Countries to laboratories working with biospecimens, including biorepositories, clinical laboratories, research organisations and bioservice providers . Our research focus on biospecimen science, our dedication to quality and our range of in-house services make us an ideal partner for Biospecimen Quality Control  programme.

Our Biospecimen Quality Control   programme works as an external quality assessment tool that allows youto verify and benchmark the performance of your biospecimen processing or testing methods through the following steps:

Step -1. Standardised samples

Once registered, you receive standardised samples produced and shipped by UAB to your laboratory

Step -2. Routine Methods

You routine processing method to extract the samples or your routine method to characterise the samples.

For quality control of stem cell,we will send you a standard STEMCELL Quality Control Kits. STEMCELL Quality Control Kits are available with human cells from bone marrow (STEMCELL QC-BM) or cord blood (STEMCELL QC-CB) to allow assessment of the cell type most appropriate to a given laboratory’s applications.

Step -3. Extracted samples and Results

You send us the extracted DNA/RNA samples or the results of you testing via an online platform

Step — 4. Statistical analysis and benchmarking

We analyse the received samples, gather the results from all participants and perform statistical  and benchmarking analyses


Ukraine Association of Biobank CRO Services provide comprehensive clinical trial services in Eastern Europe (I-IV phases). Our areas of expertise include oncology/hematology, psychiatry, autoimmune disorders, cardiovascular diseases, and sites/investigators identification.


developing and maintaining study plan and timelines
communicating study expectations to team members
provisioning study-specific training for CRAs
study budget preparation
preparing meetings with agendas and minutes
preparing enrollment notification and updates, site newsletters, study updates, protocol deviations, etc.


On-site personnel training
On-site monitoring (pre-study, initiation, interim and close-out visits)
In-house site management, CRF review
Regulatory documents collection and review
Monitoring of regulatory status of studies on sites
Management of information collection from Investigational site
Monitoring reports completion
Query resolution
Participation in Investigators meetings


SAE training of clinical personnel
Creation of study-specific SAE reporting Standard Operating Procedures
SAE reporting and Sponsor notifications (24 hours 7 days a week)
Preparation and submission of SAE reports to Regulatory Authorities, Investigators, and to local Ethics Committees
Generation of SAE narratives and follow-up reports, translation of medical records


We support therapeutic antibody development through cross—reactivity testing in human tissue and other species (GLP & non—GLP). Regulatory work is carried out using the FDA, EMEA, and MAFF panels of normal tissues.

Our experience means we can also support immunotoxicity lymphocyte sub—group analysis, cell proliferation studies, and diagnostic research services, as well as target validation and clinical biomarker assays.

  • Tissue samples or biopsies
  • Blood and bio—fluids
  • Cells
  • FFPE samples

The laboratory activity of the Section of Oncology and Clinical Research is focused on both basic and translational research, with  particular interests in viruses and cancer, the interaction between the host immune system and tumours, and neuro-oncology. There is also major activity in the areas of cancer diagnosis of method phosphorescent, biomarkers, therapeutic target discovery, proteomics and angiogenesis.

These areas overlap across a range of specific research projects, for example: hepatitis C virus as a causative agent in liver cancer; using oncolytic viruses to treat cancer and activate natural killer immune cells; cancer stem cells.

In all our research we use a range of model systems, including tumour tissue from patients, to ensure our findings have the greatest relevance possible to inform new treatment strategies in the clinic.


Recent developments in pathology research have lead to the invention of the tissue microarray. These innovations are paraffin blocks with up to 1000 tissue samples embedded in them at specific coordinates. The structure allows for high throughput analysis of multiple samples in parallel. Cylindrical tissue cores from a variety of donor blocks are assembled and embedded in a single block of paraffin at precise locations. Conditions are standardized on a single slide and facilitate the simultaneous analysis of DNA, RNA and proteins. Tissue samples are preserved and the best use of limited tissue archives is accomplished. Markers for diagnosis and prognostication of disease can be found using this new technique. Its automated workflow and data analysis supports retrospective and prospective tissue studies.

Ukraine Association of Biobank has an extensive collection procedure which is used for custom. Our biorepository is IRB compliant and maintained with optimum standards in the industry to ensure the highest quality of collection and inventory management. Using our extensive procurement and inventory management process, we are able to provide our clients with access to human tissue samples in a variety of formats worldwide.

Ukraine Association of Biobank supplies sub-atomic (molecular) subsidiaries from human tissues and natural biological liquids. We have a monumental biorepository of aliquots accessible for quick and error-free shipments. Subordinates from individual tumor, infected or typical human tissues are accessible upon request. We give comprehensive clinical data and an extensive layered report for every particular case related to shipments.


We design custom extraction collections for a wide variety of clinical initiatives. Our staff of molecular biologists, pathologists, and other laboratory professionals are available to assist you with the special and unique processing needs.

Ukraine Association of Biobank (UAB) has an extensive procedure which is used for custom collections. Our biorepository is IRB compliant and maintained with optimum standards to ensure the highest quality of collection and inventory management. We are able to provide clients with access to human tissue samples in a variety of formats using our extensive and inventory management process.