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Stem Cell Clinic


    Institute of bio-stem cell rehabilitation  is based on the principle that the quality of life can be improved and personalisation medicine. We are a team of medical researchers and practitioners who work hard to provide safe and effective treatments in our point-of-care facilities. Our clinic is committed to bringing the right to cell therapy treatment to the general public, both in the Ukraine and around the world.

    Cell-based regenerative medicine holds significant medical opportunity, but we’ve also seen some bad actors leverage the scientific promise of this field to peddle unapproved treatments that put patients’ health at risk.
We cannot allow unproven products that exploit the hope of patients and their loved ones, for this Institute of bio-stem cell rehabilitation:
1. All specimens are collected under a strict Standard Operating Procedure (SOP).
2. Quality Control is performed on 100% of collected tissue samples.

3. We have defined and developed strong bioethical policies and state-of-the-art procedures to achieve the highest ethical standards in all of our operations. All donors are protected by anonymity and are legally informed by documentation of Consent.

    Our clinic is based on the principle of personalised medicine brought stem cell treatment to a completely new level, we create and customize each treatment for a specific patient. We understand that symptoms, age, progression of a disease, gender, health conditions, medical history etc vary and are unique to every individual, therefore we take time to learn each detail about our patients in order to form a treatment combination that is perfectly suitable.