Association of Ukraine
+38 (050) 400-70-80, +31 (68) 307-53-02

President and Medical Director of Biobank Association of Ukraine

Dr. Gramatiuk Svetlana

PhD, MsD of Biobank

Medical Director 

Working group of Ukraine Biobank

PhD. Alekseenko Mykola

Director and CEO

Ukraine Association of Biobank

PhD Lawyer medical and bioethics

Prof. Boyko Valery

Vr.-Ped. the Ukraine Association of Biobank

Prof. Bagmut Irina

Head Department Project Description

Alla Yushko

Head Department

Lawyer medical and bioethics

Anna Terentieva

Head of Clinical Operations

Svyatoslav Khomenko

Head Department of

risk prognosis and scores

Working group of Stem Cell Clinic

Dr. Sargsyan Karine

MD, Prof. Clinical Science

Consultant Medical

University of Graz

Biobank Graz

Dr. Yanishevskaya Liliya

Ultrasound diagnostics specialist of

Superior expert category

Immunology doctor

Dr. Movchan Alexey

Surgeon oncologist

plastic-surgery specialist of

Superior expert category


PhD. Taranuha Olga

PhD ophthalmology

Doctor of ophthalmology degree

National Medical University

Ophthalmology department

Prof. Ivanova Yulia, MD

Head department
Regenerative Medicine as
Applied to General Surgery

Young Research Group

Mary Babenko

Head department of

young research group


Oleg Ivanov

Head of project

management department